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Child Explotation

  • We recognise the need to take a proactive approach to protect the young people in our care from being exposed to exploitation and grooming.

  • Unfortunately some of the young people we have worked with who have been exploited have often been reluctant to disclose information or in some cases not even aware that they are being targeted due to the manipulation and coercion being used on them.

  • We at Bright Young Futures ensure that all staff and young people are trained to be able to identify signs of exploitation so that we are able to protect our service users from these perpetrators.

  • All staff are trained in recognising and understanding different types of exploitation, such as: CSE, Radicalisation and Criminalisation.

  • Bright Young Futures' Designated Safeguarding Lead works with the team and external safeguarding bodies to ensure the continued protection of our service users.

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