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What They’re Saying

You guys are the ones who put me forward. You helped me see things in a different way. At one time when I was started to fall back in with the wrong people but when I came home and spoke with you guys you put me back on the right path, you guys are the ones that made my voice be heard. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you guys.

 Iris, 19

- Service User -

I am impressed to see how well your team is working together;

I always receive prompt feedback via email and updated reports that are clear, concise and give a detailed overview of how you support and address our young person’s needs.

Your staff are also well trained and work well together as a team. I am grateful for this ongoing work and I am confident that the team will go from strength to strength going forward.

- Social Worker -

I have been made to feel I am part of the team and have something to offer. The company has ensured that I receive relevant up to date training and the opportunity to be able to work my way up in position, as well as made to feel an equal with my peers, offering added support as and when I need it. Staff are encouraged, recognised and acknowledged when giving input to help take the company further.

- Senior Support Worker -

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