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Returning to fitness after lockdown: 4 simple steps

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Lockdown was a strange time for us all. As a result of this period of government mandated inaction, people found themselves with several more hours of the day to fill. Some people turned to baking, knitting, embroidery, and writing. Others, like me, took solace in random Netflix shows and online shopping. Originally, I had the intention of getting back into shape. I even started running again and it felt great- for the first three weeks. Then, I rediscovered my love for the show Catfish and the exercise came to a not so abrupt end.

My lockdown journey was not a unique one, shared by many across the UK who began lockdown with fitness on the brain and ended with their eyes trapped on a screen. Like me, I am certain there are others out there who would like to return to the fitness game but are not sure where to start. So, here is a helping hand from someone in the same boat.

Baby Steps

If you have been out of the game for a while, there is no need to submit yourself to a 1-hour HIIT session or 2-hour run. Start small, cut that session down to something manageable be it a 20 minute low impact YouTube workout or a 20 minute run and work your way up.

Consistency is Key

Consistency is something I personally struggle with a lot. I normally start off with the best intentions and then stop later. So, once you get started, it is best to keep to a schedule. You do not have to be doing 30 minutes every day, especially that would be difficult to maintain. So maybe 30 minutes twice a week to start would be better. This way there is less pressure and you can gradually do more physical activity over time.

Let’s look at that diet…

I wish, I really wish, that exercise was a silver bullet that would get you back into shape on its own but alas, it is not. What you eat is incredibly important. That is not to say that you must give up on all your guilty pleasures because frankly that is just not fun nor is it realistic. However, portion size and healthier alternatives are things to consider. And remember, moderation is critical! So think, if you’ve had a kitkat yesterday, try a banana today. Small things like that a make all the difference.

You are you, not that person on Insta

In a world where it has never been so easy to look into another person’s life and journey, it is important to not constantly compare yourself to what another person puts out there on the socials. Insta images only show part of a journey, a tiny snapshot of that person’s life. You must remember that no matter how similar your lives, goals and journeys may seem, ultimately, they are NOT you. Walk your own path, at your own pace and your results will come.

So as the world around us reopens (gyms included), there has never been a more opportune moment to begin again our commitment fitness journey. So, remember focus on you and little by little you’ll get to where you need to be.

23rd September is National Fitness Day, a day dedicated to highlighting the importance of physical activity. A range of events from planks offs to Pilates are taking place.

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